Veterans Group San Quentin

(V.G.S.Q., formerly V.V.G.S.Q. - Vietnam Veterans Group San Quentin)

- Serving and representing Military Veterans of all eras, wars and conflicts -

San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, California

We are a group of honorably discharged veterans, who are contributing to society......... and we are all incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. This is our story.

With this inspiration it is hoped that you too will open your heart to help those in need.

News Update!

"To maintain the integrity of the Founding Fathers of the VVGSQ - Vietnam Veterans Group San Quentin, have incorporated changes to our previous By-Laws to include and address all veteran's needs. Subsequently, we have changed the name of our group to the Veterans Group of San Quentin (VGSQ).
We endeavor to bring personal accountability and structure into our lives. We will continue to maintain the high standard of honor and integrity that our Founding Fathers set forth. We know that we must take responsibility for our own actions. However, it is not enough to just try and get home, but rather to live free regardless of our circumstances." 2014

- History of the V.V.G.S.Q. -

Although the group had been meeting for some time, the name officially began on April 7, 1987.....Read the history of the VVGSQ from the beginning to present day. Compiled by Mr. J.B. Wells.


- - How Spooky Was Adopted as the Group Crest -


The VVGSQ History as presented to the California State Senate Tuesday, November 9, 2004.

- Senate Select Committee Agenda -

- Veterans in Corrections - Senate Select Committee on the California Correctional System -

Presented by William P. Waltz
Staff Services Analyst for the Department of Corrections at San Quentin Prison,
Veterans Information Project Coordinator, and
"Proud Sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Group of San Quentin"


- V.V.G.S.Q. By-Laws -

- 2010-2011 By-Laws

- General Membership Meeting Minutes - 1992 - 2016

-V.V.G.S.Q Donations-

From 1990 to the present, the VGSQ has donated $77,916.35.

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